10 Best Funny Jokes on Marriage

    I didn’t mean to kill that guy
    Why the gun just went off in my hand
    Well; I caught him with my wife
    And it cost that guy his life
    I’d just got home from the company
    And that guy was sittin’ where I am supposed to be!
    Now he is up there in the sky and I am stuck with
    Live Free or Die Hard.

    A Tiger was giving wedding party to his friends..
    A Cat came there and danced.
    Tiger asked who r u ?
    Cat said: I was also a Tiger before my marriage…….

    2 keep ur marriage brimming
    With love in the marriage cup,
    Whenever you r wrong, admit it,
    Whenever you’re right, shut up.

    Chess says everything
    about husband and wife.
    The King has to take things one step at a time,
    while the Queen can do whatever she wants.

    A successful marriage is based
    On give & take:
    Where husband gives money,
    Gifts, dresses n wife takes it
    Where wife gives advices, lectures,
    Tensions & husband takes it.

    A little kid asks his Dad,
    “Daddy, how much does
    it cost to get married?”
    “No idea,” replied the Father,
    “I’m still paying for it…”

    Why do we all marry?
    Because romance is not
    the only element of life.
    We should also know horror,
    terror, suspense, irony,
    stupidity & tragedy of LIFE.

    The Equation of Marriage:
    7 Glance = 1 Smile
    7 Smile = 1 Meeting
    7 Meeting = 1 Kiss
    7 Kisses = 1 Proposal
    7 Proposal = 1 Marriage –
    And that 1 marriage has 77777+ problems.
    So beware of glance!

    A Couple Before Marriage
    “MAD” For Each Other …
    After Marriage
    “MADE” For Each Other …
    A Few Years Later
    “MAD” Because Of Each Other…

    Man : Is there any way for long life?
    Doctor : Get married.
    Man : Will it help?
    Doctor : No, but the thought of long life will never come.
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