Best 5 Games for Android Tablets in 2013

    Playing games is always the best time killing thing for us with our smartphone, tablet and PS and Xbox and more. But for most of the people who own the tablet, tablet seems to be a better portable device for playing games. And they want to download the best and free (if it is, better) Android tablets games all the time for the more excitement on games. Today I have just collect the top 5 free games for Android tablets in 2013 to give you a great game experience.

    MANUGANU-Best Android game
    MANUGANU is a completely action game with running, jumping and sliding from the ropes and dodge rocks. With the 3D side-scroller running, you will control the boy “Manuganu” to get rid of the hammers, ice blocks, flames and more. The amazing part of this game is the "Halt feature" to avoid swinging rocks, hammers, flames and other enemies with the right timing. Also, you can switch from “running" mode to “rope climbing" mode to get more challenges.

    2.Temple Run 2(Rated:4.5)
    Temple Run 2-Best Android game
    I bet every Android gaming user have played the Temple Run which is really a addicted game.Although I have never succeed running to the destination, there are some people making it. Different from Temple Run, Temple Run 2 gives people a fresh dose of endless running to Android. The graphics, environments, obstacles and more are improved and you will feel the awesome new running experience.

    3.100 Rooms(Rated:4.3)
    100 Rooms-Best Android Game
    As a puzzle game, 100 Rooms requires you to observe the room and find the items which will help you to get to the next room. You can combine two items to get NEW item. It starts off easy but soon you will be scratching your head when you cannot find the solutions to get out of the room.

    4.Subway Surfers(Rated:4.7)
    Subway Surfers-Best Android Game
    Subway Surfers is a fun filled and patient-taken game, in which you have to dodge trains, jump barriers, duck under big barriers, and repeat those things until you die.You can also use some powers like a jetpack to help you fly, sneakers allows you jump onto trains and over big barriers and more. In general, Subway Surfers is a great fun game and you can also challenge with your friends.

    5.Arcane Legends(Rated:4.6)
    Arcane Legends-Best Android game
    Arcane Legends is a cool online adventure multiplayer and 3D Massively-Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) game. You can choose one from 3 free pets to fight with you.The character includes the hero who takes on a deadly rogue with devastating bow and trap attacks, a sorcerer hat wields elemental fury and aids companions and a hulking warrior that protect and devastate enemies.Your adventures will take you and a stable of epic pets through darkly-lit taverns, majestic forests, and dank mines as you root out the evil taking hold of the kingdom of Arlor. Really fantasy!

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Two Best Methods to play Blu-ray on PC

    play blu-ray on PC
    Nowadays, Blu-ray is becoming more and more popular for its large storage and excellent quality. Practically, any modern PC (Computer or Laptop) is capable of playing DVD movies, but condition is not the same as Blu-ray movies. So how to play Blu-ray on PC just like on Blu-ray DVD player? You may need either the Blu-ray player software or a Blu-ray converter to convert the movies to PC.Next, I would like to show you the details to enjoy Blu-ray movies on your laptop or computer.

    Method 1:Install Best Blu-ray Software to Enjoy Blu-ray Playback

    Hardware Requirements:
    OS: Microsoft® Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
    Processor: 1 GHz or above Intel/AMD Processor
    Graphics Processor (GPU on Card): Intel G45, ATI Radeon HD 2400, NVIDIA GeForce 7600GT or above.
    Memory: 2 GB recommended for Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8; 1 GB required for Windows XP.
    Free Hard Disk: 5GB+ (DVD) / 25GB+ (Blu-ray Disc) hard disk space
    Others: Blu-ray drive (if don’t have, you can buy an external Blu-ray drive), Internet Connection

    You can also try out the BD&3D Advisor provided by Cyberlink to diagnose your computer whether it's available to play Blu-ray on your PC. However, it's not so accurate. But most of the laptops can satisfied the requirements.

    When you have a powerful enough computer, then all you need is to install Blu-ray player software to directly play Blu-ray movies on your PC. On the Blu-ray player market, PowerDVD Ultra and DVDfab media player are in the leading position,but they cost much.Also there are some new but great ones such as this Blu-ray player, you can now get a cheap one on its activity page.After your installation, you can plug in your Blu-ray disc or folders on your PC with the Blu-ray media player.

    Method 2:Copy Blu-ray Movies to Your PC Friendly Video Formats

    If you don’t like the first way or you don’t want to purchase an external Blu-ray drive since your PC has no Blu-ray drives, you can just try to copy the Blu-ray Movies to PC friendly video formats for playback.

    Of course, you need a third-party program to help you copy the Blu-ray movies as Blu-ray disc is DRM protected just like DVD. And Here I strongly recommended Leawo Blu-ray Ripper which is at the moment one of the top Blu-ray Ripping programs from the according to The main reason that I want you to try this good program is it comes with the popular feature to convert 2D to 3D for users to enjoy the popular 3D effect. 3D Blu-ray Movie enjoyment, really amazing, isn't it? The program can support over 100 common video formats so you don’t need to worried if it can convert to your PC friendly video formats.

    So, just enjoy the Blu-ray movies on your PC!

    Blu-ray playeback tips:If you have the ripper or downloaded digital Blu-ray movies, you can also try the third-party media players like VLC media player.

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Best 6 Free eBook Reader Android apps to Enjoy Your EBooks Better

    Thanks to bigger and bigger size, tablets and smartphones are becoming more suitable for reading eBooks compared to PC, for example,Nexus 7. For those who prefer to read books on Android tablet, selecting a great ebook Reader Android app is very important. Here I will suggest best 5 free ebook Reader app for Android.

    1.Aldiko Book Reader(Rated:4.3)
    Aldiko Book Reader
     Supported Formats: ePub, PDF and Adobe DRM encrypted eBooks

    Aldiko Book Reader is a very simple android app for people, and you may find that most Android devices will pre-installed the it.With the user-friendly interface, you just need to load the books on your phone and create your bookmarks freely. Aldiko can automatically remember your reading position which can bring you back to where you left off.Besides, the app includes in-shopping experience with huge catalogs of eBooks.

    Aldiko comes both in free and premium versions($2.99),but for the basic reading, you needn't to buy the premium version.

    Kobo e-Book reader
    Supported formats:ePUB, PDF, Mobi, Txt, HTML and RTF

    For people who want to look for the quality free e-books,Kobo is the best way to go.Featuring over 1.8 million free e-books, you can just get big pleasure of these freebies.Of course, there are millions of paid eBooks as well to allow you to browser from the new releases to classical.

    In addition, you can share what you think about the book you have read with your friend to Facebook and build your own library.You need to either sign in with your existing Kobo account or to create an account.

    Kindle e-Book reader
    Supported formats: Kindle Books

    Needless to say,Kindle is the most well known name for eBook reader.It not only offers free and paid eBooks,also, you can enjoy the magazines or newspapers from Kindle's store.One of the special feature of it is it has a built-in dictionary that allows you to look up words instantly while you’re reading your eBooks.Better, you can even borrow ebooks from your local library and have them delivered wirelessly to your Kindle app.

    However, the interface of the app is not that good and kind of boring.Whatever, it is a great app for reading eBooks.

    Supported formats:PDF, DjVu, XPS (OpenXPS), comics books (cbz,cbr), FictionBook (fb2,

    EbookDroid is a open source (GPL) app which can not only add bookmarks like most other readers in the market, but also give the outline of an ebook that doesn't have a table of contents.Apart from that, you can also jump to a page with standard "go to" feature.The best feature is the inclusion of OPDS catalog feeds, that means, you need to feed in the alias, URL, and authentication details to view an online catalog such as feedbooks.

    Don't reading scanned books with this app as it will take a long time to load.In a word, the app is very nice,but if you just want to watch the common books, then just skip it.

    FBReader e-Book reader
    Supported formats:epub, rtf, fb2 (.zip), mobi,plain text formats

    FBReader is also the simle e-book reader app for your Android device with a straight, no-nonsense look.It has a browser/downloader for network e-book catalogs/stores or you can just download books manually and put them into /sdcard/Books catalog on your device.Also, the app is integrated with external dictionaries such as Fora Dictionary,, LEO dictionary,etc.

    FBReader can support multiple files and you can read them whichever font you choose to install.If you like this, then check out it.

    6.Cool Reader(Rated:4.7)
    Cool Reader
    Supported formats:eepub (non-DRM), fb2, doc, txt, rtf, html, chm, tcr, pdb, prc, mobi (non-DRM), pml

    Designed to only read books, Cool Reader is very bare bones and basic, lacking any kind of shelf or main interface.The app has a clean white background and a old book type background by default.You can change them by going into the options menu.You can read books both in landscape and potrait mode and easily take notes and look words up in the dictionary.

    Cool Reader just gives the impression of being very simplistic to people, and for a simple eBook reader app, this one worth to be check out.

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Free Download YouTube Videos to Android Phone or Tablets

    How to download YouTube videos to Android Free? As we are becoming more and more accustomed to enjoying different videos on YouTube such as funny, music, movie and others, this question is inarguable the most asked question for new Android users. Most of people prefer to watch YouTube videos offline on Android phone or tablet, but they are just confused about how to download YouTube videos free for Android. Here I just want to share the best free ways to do the job.
    download YouTube videos to Android
    1.Download YouTube videos to Android via PC 

    Pros: The method is easier, and you can get the Android device compatible YouTube videos so that you can play the download videos normally.
    Cons: You need a computer and a program as the aids, kind of boring.

    For Firefox user, download the add-on Easy YouTube Video Downloader , which is a very easy add-on manager for firefox to let you download YouTube videos as FLV, 3GP, MP4, MP3 and even 720p HD and 1080p Full HD.

    If you use Chrome or IE, then I would suggest you this free youtube downloader to download YouTube videos or audios directly to your Android phone, provide your Android phone is connected with the PC. This program is windows 8 compatible.

    2.Download YouTube videos on web browser on Your Android device

    Pros: You can directly download the YouTube videos on your Android device without any other things.
    Cons: The downloaded YouTube video on the website may be not compatible with your Android device, and you may need to convert the video before watching it.

    At the moment, the top YouTube download website includes: KeepVid, Zamzar, SaveYouTube, KeepTube.
    • Open your Android web browser, and go to YouTube website.
    • Search for and tap the video you want to download, choose Browser from the options that the mobile device will prompt you.
    • Copy the video URL by tapping “Menu” + “Go to URL”
    • Go to a website like
    • Paste this YouTube address on the Search Box and hit Enter
    • Tap “›› Download ‹‹ (video.mp4 – High Quality)”. Then it will download the videos in a new window. After it, just find the video in your browser history.
    3.Download YouTube videos on Your Android phone or Tablet with Android apps

    Pros: You can directly download the YouTube videos on your Android device, and it can supports more video formats and resolutions than the YouTube downloading website.
    Cons:You need to install one app on Your Android device, which may slow your Android device’s speed.

    For Android app, I would like to suggest TubeMate for you, which has ever been the best free app before Google removed it. It not only lets you download YouTube videos in variety of video formats and resolutions or as MP3 files, but also it can be a full media player for your Android phone.

    4.Download YouTube videos On Android with The Official YouTube Android App(Android 2.3 Only)

    Of course, you cannot use the official YouTube Android app to download videos, but there is the modified version by rolle3k.

    Warning:This method may be at your own risk and also it is not confirmed to be available for every Android 2.3 phone.
    • Download Modify Youtube apk, transfer it to your SD Card and install as a normal app using a file manager.
    • Open the app and play the YouTube video you want to download.Ensure to hold the phone in portrait mode to keep the on screen options.
    • Tab the “More” icon at the upper-right of the screen when video is playing.
    • Tap on the popup icon with a down arrow saying “Downl…” (Download) in the right, the downloading is begin. Check download progress on notification bar. When finished, find the video into the “download” folder on your SD Card.
    YouTube video guide:

    So,you can try out one suitable way for you to get the YouTube videos on your Android. Enjoy it!

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Best 5 Android Keyboard App to Enhance Your Typing Experience

    Everyone who owns an Android phone or an Android tablet, I bet, will look for a great keyboard for Android since we are accustomed to do typing with our mobile device. Although, you can find the built-in keyboard on the device, but one of the best benefits of Android are you can just switch out the default keyboard for an alternative to enhance your typing experience. Of course, there are hundreds of Android keyboard apps, and if you just want to find the best keyboard app for Android phones or Android tablets, following are some suggestions.

    1.SwiftKey Keyboard Free(Phone/ Tablet)
    Undoubtedly, SwiftKey is one of the most popular keyboard app for Android. It gives you the accurate autocorrect and supports typing in up to three languages simultaneously.Better, the keyboard app can predict your next word before you press a key based on the way that you write.
    SwiftKey Keyboard
    Besides, the app includes the awesome new Flow feature, which let you switch seamlessly between tapping and gesture typing .You can even enter entire phrases simply by sliding to the space bar between words with ‘Flow Through Space’, instead of lifting your finger from the screen.

    You can try this free app for a month and then you need to pay $3.99 for it.

    2.Thumb Keyboard(Phone/Tablet)
    For the best customized keyboard app, you just cannot miss Thumb Keyboard. It offers many advanced customization options that allows the user to adjust it to his or her preferences. The best features of it may be its spilt layout feature just makes better accessible keys for thumb-typing on large and small tablets and 4"+ phones. In addition, it includes much art keyboard technology like Multi-touch, Voice input, 3D "coverflow" theme browser with 25+ themes and more.
    Thumb Keyboard
    Thumb Keyboard will cost you $2.35 and it is really a different app for your typing experience.

    3.GO Keyboard(Phone/tablet)
    GO Keyboard
    If you just want everything customized a specific way, GO Keyboard has you covered.GO Keyboard is a free app for Android which offers the theme support, emoji and everything else you want to personalize you’re typing experience visually, from the colors to picking between QWERTY keyboards of T9 keyboards. Apart from the above offering, the key layout and the standard will give you the customizable typing experience without cutting corners, too.

    The app supports all Android phones and specifically for 5″, 7″, and 9/10″ tablets.

    Different from other keyboard app, Swype simply traces those letters along the keyboard and fills in the words for you rather than tapping out letters. So, it is no doubt a much faster input method than traditional typing, especially with one hand.
    It also includes some awesome features such as living language which is gathered and updated with the latest global trending words, Smart Editor which will examine your sentence and suggest you the word, backup and sync personal dictionaries across multiple mobile devices and more.

    If you are used to typing using one hand, Swype can be your best option for keyboard. And it is free for Android phones and tablets.

    Like Swype, TouchPal incorporates a swipe-based interface on top of the standard keyboard. When you swipe, a nice sparkly trail animation will appear which very cool. The is big attraction of the app is its "Curve" predictive text can finish your long words without your swiping. It just make you typing faster but kind of inaccuracy. Besides, it can automatically detect which language you're typing in based on the installed dictionaries. Also, it supports Multilanguage and voice input and other nice features.
    If you don’t care much about accuracy and are a bilingual user, TouchPal is just a very good choice. And it is also a free app.

    When you just want to enhance your typing experience and improve your productivity on Android, just try out the above and find the most suitable one for you.

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Best 5 Free Battery Saver apps to Extend Battery Life of Your Android Device

    Battery life is unarguably one of the most important things that we care about when choosing an Android smartphone or tablet. But with more and more Android apps and games installed on Android device, the HD display, multiple core cpu and more, the battery power can be easily drained and you have to recharge your device multiple times during the day whether you use high-end device or others. Therefore, a great battery saver app for Android is just a Must-have. If you are looking for the best and free Android battery saver app, just check out the following list.

    Best 1:Free and easy Battery Saver app:Easy Battery Saver(Reated:4.6)
    Easy Battery Saver
    If you just want a easy one, then Easy Battery Saver is just your solution.It is a powerful yet easy to use power manager app specifically designed to extend battery life and optimize using habit.The life of the battery depends with network connectivity, screen time out,Screen appearance and the considerable sleep schedule setting .The app offers you 4 preset savings mode((General, Intelligent, Super Power, Normal Mode) ) and advanced customized modes.With this app, you can save up to 50% longer battery.

    • General Saving Mode includes the basic network control, screen control and the sleep schedule to meet your normal battery saving needs.
    • Intelligent Saving Mode has the eight different controls and runs intelligently to save more battery than general saving mode.
    • Super Power Saving Mode will keep your phone's standby time as long as possible.
    • Advanced Customized Mode allows you to set all the values as you like, let your phone running in your way.
    • Normal Mode will do nothing for your battery.
    Best 2:The king of Battery Saver app:JuiceDefender(Reated:4.5)
    Packed with smart functions, JuiceDefender can automatically and transparently manages the most battery draining components, like 3G/4G connectivity and WiFi.If is regarded as one of the most popular and efficient battery saving apps by the Android community,and it is worthy of the reputation.The app offers you 5 preset profiles from default mode to full customization to save the battery life.It also have got two useful home screen widgets which shows the current status of controls and triggers.

    Best 3:Dual purpose Battery Saver app:Battery Dr saver+a task killer(Reated:4.4)
    Battery Dr saver+a task killer

    Battery Dr saver+a task killer is a dual purpose Android application to maximize the potential for battery conservation of your Android device. It combines two functions to track down what’s hurting your device’s battery and suppressing it.The app can help you kill tasks quickly and reset the battery profile easily.It has Power Management(Battery Management),Battery Notifier, Battery Monitor,Power Control and task killer.Besides, it will display the health and the temperature of the battery,the remaining time(battery's running time) for TalkTime(2G/3G/4G),AudioTime,VideoTime,Web Surfing Time and Idle Time.It is a very helpful tool to get a longer battery life.

    Best 4:One Touch Battery Saver(Reated:4.4)
    One Touch Battery Saver
    One Touch Battery Saver is just another simple battery saver app that just need you to click "Power saving" mode to activate the mode which is customized by yourself.You can press the “setting”button to personalize items you want to close such as WIFI, Bluetooth, GPS location system, background light and more.The app offers 3 different battery models to fit your needs and style.In addition, it also has the tab widget with 2 styles.

    Best 5:Friendly and Simple Battery Saver app:PowerMax(Reated:4.4)
    With just one touch activate,PowerMax can smartly and simply solve many of battery life problems.By clicking 'switch on' on the main screen, the Power Saver will be activated and save your battery, and by clicking off, PowerMax will restore your normal settings.The battery life can be improved from a mediocre 20% more to an impressive 100%.And you can also purchase a license key at any time to unlock the full functionality of the PowerMax, if you feel that the function cannot satisfy your demands.

    What battery saver app do you use?Just share with us.

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