The Most likely 7 inch Competitors for Unveiled iPad Mini

    It is said that Apple’s iPad Mini will be released on this October 23, which is probably is the most anticipated one in tablet market after so much surprise both in price and specs in 2012.Certyaily you can see that the majority of the new stunning tablets come 7 inch, which is smaller than before. So which of they are most likely be iPad mini’s strong competitors? The following list can give you the advice.
    iPad Mini

    Google Nexus 7
    There is no need to explain why Nexus 7 is a member. Actually, it is Nexus 7 that takes people into a 7 inch tablet world completely. Its most advanced android system Jelly Bean, Tegra 3-induced performance and NFC communication can quickly attract your attention and the low price of $199 may beat your heart.

    Amazon Kindle Fire HD
    Amazon Kindle Fire HD is another new attractive 7 inch tablet. Maybe you will think of Kindle Fire, but I just think its spec is not that good as this one. The same price $199 as Nexus 7, Amazon Kindle Fire HD sports a higher resolution, a 720p front camera, Bluetooth, and the best speakers. Also, you can enjoy a penchant for watching books, movies, TV shows, and music.

    Barnes & Noble Nook HD
    The latest released 7 inch tablet is Barnes & Noble Nook HD which is still on order now. Nook HD features the unimaginable light weight, the highest resolution 1,140x900 of the tablet at present, microSD storage expansion, and the inclusion of the fastest processor yet in a 7-inch tablet. Besides, there is some special entertainment like Nook Magazine. The most important thing is that it is very suitable for family and kids. Nook HD also comes with a price of $199.

    Undoubtedly, if iPad Mini want to succeed in the 7 inch tablet, it should offer more amazing performance and the low price for win people’s hearts.
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