Nexus 10 vs iPad 4 vs Surface RT vs Kindle Fire HD 8.9

    Google has announced its new and first 10 inch tablet Nexus 10 running the latest Android 4.2 to stack up against the recently released iPad 4, Kindle Fire HD 8.9 and Surface RT. Obviously, these four tablets all have their special features which will focus the different customer’s attention, and then which one is more likely to be loved by people? Google can make the Nexus 10 the same success as Nexus 7? Let’s just have compared they to get the conclusion.


    Nexus 10

    • NFC (sharing and wallet)
    • Widgets
    • Enhanced notifications
    • Google Now (voice or type or automatic based on settings)
    • Instant shutter, panoramic, Sphere camera
    • pic/video editing
    • Google Search (voice or type)
    • Instantly have ALL content on any Android device or PC by just logging in to Google.
    • Solid interoperability with Chrome and thus any PC regardless of OS.
    iPad 4
    • Enhanced Notifications
    • Siri (assistance/ searching)
    • Passbook (holds ticketing/ reservatiosns/ etc)
    • High quality camera, panoramic
    • pic/video editing
    • Best resale value
    • Solid interoperability with other Apple products (Mac/Safari)
    Surface RT
    • ARM variant of PC Windows. Will be closest to PC-like experience.
    • Bing (type or voice)
    • Live Tiles
    • Solid Interoperability with Windows 8 and winphone8
    • Smartglass with all major game consoles
    • Badass attachable keyboard
    • Includes free full MS Office software
    Amazon Kindle Fire HD
    • Ultra-fast 4G LTE wireless from AT&T
    • Stunning HD display
    • Exclusive Dolby Audio and Powerful Dual Stereo Speakers
    • Kindle Owners' Lending Library, Free Month of Amazon Prime, Vibrant HD Magazines
    • Audiobooks by Audible
    • X-Ray, Whispersync, Immersion Reading
    • Access your content on other devices
    • Free Skype HD Video Calls
    • Amazon store’s music,books,movies,etc.
    • Designed for both parents and kids.
    Basic Spec
    My Opinion
    In terms of weight, the Kindle Fire HD 8.9 takes this category as the lightest, but in terms of mobility, the revamped iPad 4 is the winner. And if you are Amazon fans,maybe you want to get the Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9 for its attractive Amazon service. With the most advanced android system at present, special NFC service and the highest resolution, Nexus 10 can without doubt get people’s attention.

    The Windows RT boasts a quad-core processor, promising better performance than most its rivals. It’s also ripe with Microsoft Office capabilities, so those who are very familiar with using Microsoft Office for productivity will surely enjoy using the RT.

    iPad 4 will also be hot with its A6X processor for Apple fans and others. If you consider of the price,then Kindle Fire HD 8.9 and Nexus 10 will be your options.

    Whatever, just make a wise choice. 

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