3G-based Google Nexus 7 Unveiled, the Same Price, More Powerful

    Google Nexus 7 tablet has become the highest selling Android tablet in its history since going on sale on 27 July, Carphone Warehouse, the UK’s largest independent mobile retailer, said. Although new tablets, including the Kindle Fire HD, Nook HD, the upcoming iPad Mini and Microsoft Surface, are aroused with some attractive features, Nexus 7 still keeps its popularity. However, the lack of 3G function also alienates some people.

    Luckily, thing has changed. Rumor that there will be a 3G-capable Nexus 7 tablet has confirmed by Taiwan's NCC, a certification agency, with the model of ME370TG.

     Nexus 7 3G


    The present model of Nexus 7 is ME370T, only supports Wi - Fi, providing two choices of 8 GB and 16 GB, but a 32 GB version has been leaked on the web just recently. There are two certain reasons that the ME370TG appeared in Taiwan NCC will be the 3G version of Google Nexus 7.First, the model has been added a “G”,and the other is this version will support the GSM/DCS/WCDMA/WLAN/bluetooth/NFC and so on.

    3G Nexus 7
    However, the 3G version has only the choice of 32 GB, which may mean that the price will not attractive. In addition, although the 3G version has been verified by the NCC, the releasing data is not sure, there is even the possibility that Google will set the price after the launching of Apple iPad Mini.

    Released on October 24?

    According to the blog BGR, Google will replace 16 gb version by 32 gb version with the same price of 249 dollars to enhance Nexus 7’s competitiveness for the upcoming iPad mini.As for the specific launching time, Rumor said the 3G-based Nexus 7 comes on October 24,the next day of   iPad mini apple releasing day. The 3G version appeared with 32GB storage this time may also mean that Google will debut the 3G version next week.

    It is absolutely the good news for customers especially for Nexus fans that Google will release the 3G-based Nexus 7 .If the 3G version is the same price as the present 16GB version, offering the bigger 32 GB storage, the core competitiveness of Nexus 7 will without doubt been strengthened and it will be the selling point, too.
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