3 Best Free Antivirus Apps for Android to Keep Your Android Security

    Antivirus Apps Android
    Since Android platform is open, hackers can exploit that to invade the mobile operating system to get the users privacy. From malicious apps appearing in the Google Play app store to mobile malware spreading via SMS, the security threats make people more cautious about Android security issues. Meanwhile, with the number of Android smartphones and tablets in use increasing daily, it’s indeed very essential that users protect their personal data like photographs, credit card numbers, passwords and other such sensitive information.

    Of course you can do the most basic security precautions, like password-protecting your device and setting it to auto-lock after a specified period of time ,and most Android devices also offer a variety of unlock options, including a numeric PIN, a password or a graphical pattern.

    But you need to do more to ensure your android device completely security. And the vast numbers of antivirus apps available for the platform can enhance the safety, but here you can get three suggestions when you are looking for the further protection of your android devices.

    Antivirus Free 

    Anti-Virus Free is developed by AVG offering protection for both smartphones and tablets against malware and browsing protection to prompt you when visiting a malicious website. Besides, its SMS/text messaging protection can scan messages to ensure they're safe, and various remote tools are built in the app, including device locating, alarms, locking and wiping, and scanning. There is a malware scanner that analyzes data files as well as apps, a task killer, a tune-up utility to help save battery usage and storage space, and a personal data wiper to clear cache.
    Antivirus Free
    Anti-Virus Free is a fairly solid security app offering all the popular features for free though the user interface is kind of confusing. If you want the premium edition (for more features or the tablet app) you can get it with just a small one-time payment.

    Norton AntiVirus & Security 

    Free malware protection and remote locking are provided by Norton Mobile Security Lite. You can not only perform malware scans on app downloads and updates, but also run app and SD card scans on demand or schedule scans daily, weekly or monthly with the app. One thing you should note is that though Norton checks for virus database updates weekly by default, it can be changed to daily (or monthly).
    Norton AntiVirus & Security
    The simple and straightforward interface of Norton Mobile Security may attract you. For this version, there are only two main shortcuts accessible on the main screen of the app: one for the anti-theft and another for anti-malware. But the device's Menu button will give you a few more shortcuts, such as to view the activity log or access the update or notification settings.

    Norton Mobile Security doesn't offer as much as other free apps unless you buy the premium service to get much more.

    Lookout Security & Antivirus 

    Lookout Security & Antivirus is absolutely one of the most acclaimed and trusted names when it comes to Android security. All the basic protection methods are free offered, and more options are available if you buy the premium version. Lookout performs a full scan on your phone for malicious apps and will automatically back up your data. Even you’ve lost your device, Lookout will help you track you device.
    Lookout Security & Antivirus
    The premium version will protect your phone from virus or malicious sites that intend to get around your phone’s security. However, it will need a subscription plan of US$3.00 per month.

    When you almost do anything you like on your android device, just don’t forget to protect your data .And installing antivirus app is definitely your option. You can choose one above mentioned or find another one.

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