Free Android Live Wallpapers to Dress up Your Tablet

    It is reasonable that everyone wants to personalize his own Android tablet by setting up customized backgrounds for the device’s homescreen. Of course you can choose a static image as your wallpaper, or opt for live wallpapers. Most of folks will choose live wallpapers for their more beautiful and amazing view. And in the latter content, you will find a few free live wallpapers for android to beautify your tablet.

    1.Sun Rise Free Live Wallpaper to enjoy birds flying

    Sun Rise Free Live Wallpaper
    If you like a fresh and spectacular animated scene of the morning sky for your wallpaper, then try Sun Rise Free Live Wallpaper. A morning sky background with soft cloud moving, birds flying, and rainbow appearing occasionally will give you a good day.
    Download Sun Rise Free Live Wallpaper

    2. Thunderstorm Free Wallpaper to have a storm show

    Thunderstorm Free Wallpaper
    Are you interested in thunderstorm? Thunderstorm Free Wallpaper can give you a spectacular show of storm clouds and lightning. 
    Download Thunderstorm Free Wallpaper

    3.Celtic Garden Free to enter a fabulous garden

    Celtic Garden Free
    You will enter into a mystic garden with a predominantly green Irish Celtic theme, complete with an ancient fountain, a clover field and exotic mushrooms when installed Celtic Garden Free. 
    Download Celtic Garden Free

    4.PhotoWall Live Wallpaper to show your own photos

    PhotoWall Live Wallpaper
    Want your photos be the live wallpaper, PhotoWall Live Wallpaper can make it.PhotoWall Live Wallpaper will take the photos found on your tablet and display them as a live wallpaper on your home screen.
    Download PhotoWall Live Wallpaper

    5.A Playmio 3D Sky to feel the impressive sky

    A Playmio 3D Sky
    A Playmio 3D Sky offers nine stunning sky themes to choose from including Stormy, Interstellar, Violent, Grim Night, Mirmar, The Alps, Blue Mountains, Red Mountains and Green Mountains. You can also set the frame rate, sky motion speed and others.
    Download A Playmio 3D Sky

    6.Season Zen Free to enjoy spring 

    Season Zen Free
    Season Zen Free lets you enjoy every season in a peaceful park surrounded by the blossoming of new life. Get an good entertainment from a bird flying, the flowers dancing with the wind, a butterfly passing by, the eggs sitting quietly in the bird’s nest, the beams of sunlight, and much more. Other seasons are only available in the full version.
    Download Season Zen Free

    If you want to beautify your android tablet, just choose one to install, also you can search the web and find more. If you find the good one, I will be glad that you can leave a comment.
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