Stability Face-off:Nexus 7 vs iPad

    Recently,some people have done some test for Nexus 7 and iPad, and the results revealed that Nexus 7 is better than iPad in terms of stability.They mainly test the Nexus 7 and the iPad to see how they fare when they are dropped from chest height, Table top height and when they are dunked in a bath tub.
    The test results:
    • Falling from a height
    The back and front of Nexus 7 is all intact except for kind of corner wear while iPad’s screen has worn down even some cracks can be found on the screen although the back of iPad is intact.
    • Falling from a chest height
    No obvious damages have be found on Nexus 7.But some cracks existed on the back of iPad and the corner of iPad have worn down seriously.
    • Falling into the water
    The touch screen of iPad and Nexus 7 are both normal, but iPad cannot be audible and Nexus 7’s sound is normal.

    You can watch the below video to enjoy the entire process.
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