B & N to Release The New Tablet With Revolutionary Screen Technology

    With Google Nexus 7’s success in the new tablet market, Amazon and Apple are said to lunch new tablets soon to fight against Nexus 7.On this occasion, a new member will join in the tablet family-Barnes &Noble will release the new 7-inch Nook tablet from knowledgeable sources. The Nook tablet features” revolutionary screen technology”.

    Nook tablet preview

    Barnes & Noble will continue to focus on "reading" and the Nook tablet running Android system will have a unique function according to sources.

    The Nook tablet is likely to debut by the end of September or early October, is expected to sell at the price of around $ 200.

    What will the situation of tablet market change when Nook takes part in the game? I think it is early to answer this question. Although Google succeed in the first around, who will be the next winner? We cannot know it. The thing we can ensure is that it will be a surprise to consumers.

    Just wait for the coming of Nook tablet.
    Source URL: http://ampledreams.blogspot.com/2012/07/b-n-to-release-new-tablet-with.html
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