Google Nexus 7 Costs $151.75 To Make, Analysist Says

    Google released their own brand Nexus 7 tablet at the IO conference, Nexus 7's low price causes people’s great interest. How much does its hardware really cost? Whether Google sells it at a loss or not? Google and Asus were said to earn about $15 each machine before, in other words, the cost of Nexus 7 was $184. However, ISuppli brought a other answer to us today, the total cost of the hardware construction of Nexus 7(8 GB version) is $151.75, most of the costs use for flash memory, NVIDA Tegra 3 processor and 7 inches 1280 x800 IPS display screen.

    Compared with Amazon Kindle Fire, Nexus 7 is more advanced. Its CPU is four nuclear Tegra 3 and the screen is 1280x800 pixel,but Kindle Fire has only DE instrument dual-core processor OMAP 4430 and 1024 X600 pixel screen.

    The report says the switch technology in-plane Nexus 7 uses costs $38, Kindle Fire only $35.

    Nexus 7‘s camera costs $2.5, Kindle Fire don’t have one. In addition, the Nexus 7 also imports the technology chips, supplied by NXP and supporting NFC (near field communication), and the GPS receiver chips, supplied by Broadcom and supporting map.

    The accelerometer and gyroscope supplied by Invensense Company are also a concern. Many mobile devices have applied Invensense’s gyroscope, but it is rare that accelerometer and gyroscope are integrated into the same chip just like Nexus 7.

    Accelerometer and gyroscope are mainly used to judge the position and movement of mobile devices. Only Samsung Galaxy S3 is equipped with these two devices besides Nexus 7. Accelerometer and gyroscope Galaxy S3 has used are provided by the European chips supplier STMicroelectronics.

    Overall, as IHS iSuppli estimates, the cost of production of Nexus 7 is $18 higher than Kindle Fire .IHS iSuppli also points out, Amazon Kindle Fire will use the new higher quality display screen, so the situation will soon change.
    Hardware Google Nexus 7

    Hardware Google Nexus 7

    Hardware Google Nexus 7

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