Best Android Tablet for Power / Business User--Lenovo K2 / K2010

    Lenovo K2010/K2
    The Lenovo K2010 / K2, as it is likely to be known, demonstrated several things to us. Firstly, Lenovo makes quality products. Their line of ThinkPad laptops are known the world over by business mavens and students alike, and for good reason. Their laptops are among the industry’s best, and are built with durability, power use, and quality in mind. In the time that I was able to spend with Lenovo’s Tegra 3 speed demon, it really demonstrated that it has what it takes to be a leader among the crowded forum that are Android tablets.

    With industry leading specs and utility, this is the world’s first Android tablet with 2GB of RAM, and it has the Tegra 3 Quad (5 core) SoC clocked at a ridiculous 1.7Ghz. Not to worry though, this is the absolute max that the CPU’s are capable of running at. Tegra 3 employs extremely aggressive power gating to ensure that as much power is saved as possible. With its fifth companion core, normal, common tasks like reading web pages, or an RSS reader, or email will consume barely any power at all. In fact, it’s significantly better on power consumption than its contemporary and predecessor, Tegra 2.

    But down to business. This is a tablet that is packing a 1920×1200 10.1 inch display in an 11mm thin profile, and features a full USB port as well as a full sized SD card reader on the tablet itself. From our probing we were able to gather that the SD card reader will support SD, SDHC and even SDXC cards, resulting in potentially unlimited storage as 128GB and 256GB SDXC cards come to market with lower prices in the near future. Additionally, you will be able to purchase a keyboard dock, much like what the original Transformer, Transformer Prime, and Transformer Prime 700T have. It’s actually quite a good keyboard, and aside from having a bit of flex, will boost the units total battery life into the 20 hour range. Very impressive. If you are concerned about having as much flexibility, power and utility out of your tablet as possible, then this may be the one to get.

    • Bluetooth 3.0+ WiFi a/b/g/n, SIM card slot for 3G or 4G connectivity
    • Tegra 3 @ 1.7Ghz
    • 12 core Tegra 3
    • Quad Core ARM Cortex A9 1.7Ghz
    • 10.1″ screen with a 1920×1200 resolution display
    • 224.17 pixels per inch
    • 11mm thin profile
    • IPS Display
    • Full SD Card reader, full sized USB port, SIM card (4g?), Micro USB, HDMI, 3.5mm headphone jack 5MP rear with LED flash, 1.3MP front camera
    • Android 4.0 out of the box
    • GPS
    • Q2 2012 release date
    • 32GB, 64GB, expandable to 128GB or even 256GB with full sized SD/HC/XC
    • 10 Hours, 20 hours with keyboard dock
    • 730 grams
    • 2GB of RAM – the most of any Android tablet in the world
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