Tablet Buying Guide to Get Your Most Appropriate One

    With the new tablets’ constantly roll out including Nexus 7, Kindle Fire HD, iPad Mini, etc, you can easily find that tablets is without question the mainstream of mobile device as well as smartphones. Many people want to own a tablet, however, increasing popularity means increasing choices, which obviously turns the buying into a difficult task. Luckily, you can refer to following tablet buying tips to narrow the pack and choose the right one for you.
    tablets buying guide
    Basic Information before Buying a Tablet
    • What is a tablet?
    A tablet is a wireless, portable personal computer with a touch screen interface,of course, you can install a physical keyboard if you need. It is a slate-style device sharing similar processors and operating systems like smartphones. Most measure between 7 to 10 inches. 
    • Tablet Functions
    Like smartphone,it use preload apps to offers service.You can Check email,Browse the InternetView Photos and Video,Enjoy Music, Movies and TV,View and Edit Documents, Access Social Networking,Read eBooks, Play Games ,Purchase and/or Download Apps and others.

    Key Considerations
    When you have an understanding of these information of tablet, then you can start your travel of shopping .And following tips can help you choose a tablet.

    • Your budget
    The first thing you should ensure is how much you can pay for the tablet. You can purchase a 7-inch media tablet for under $200 or under $300. Or you want to pay $400 to $500 for the high-end model like iPad,Transform Pad and others. Whatever, make your budget clear.
    • Operating System
    There are at the moment three major operating system, that is Android, iOS, Windows.If you like Apple’s.

    iOS is Apple’s iPad’s os with a deep media ecosystem that allows for sharing across idevice, a gargantuan app catalog, and a very simple, user-friendly interface. Android is Google’s operating system which is the most widely used os on the tablets. Android's freshest version, 4.2 Jelly Bean, officially runs on only the Nexus tablets and has brought the amazing features like Photo Sphere, Multi-user support and so on. Windows-based tablets (also known as PC tablets) are about as close to a laptop experience as you can get. The latest Windows 8/RT is a new os which Surface tablet runs with an elegant and powerful tablet UI solution. 

    Of course, there are other os, HP touchpad runs webos, Blackberry Playbook run playbook os. When you considering this factor, note that which apps you want to use as the os will dictate the tablet’s apps.

    • Tablets Size 
    After you decide the OS, make sure the size of tablet you want to choose. 

    The tablets between 7 and 8 inch is usually lower priced and under-powered compared with larger tablets,but it is more portable to fit purses and small bags.You can find Nexus 7,Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD, Nook HD, iPad Mini and the like.

    8.9 to 10.1 inches is the medium and common size of tablets.These tablets offers larger screen and resolution but heavier than the small. Games will feel more interactive, movies and TV shows, more immersive. These tablets are higher than the small in the price as well. You can find 8.9inch Amazon Kindle Fire HD, Nexus 10,Nook HD+,iPad 4,Samsung Galary Tab 10.1,etc.

    You may find a few tablets which measures over 10.1 inch like Surface RT.These tablets are often in high price and the function is also the most powerful.

    • Storage
    The storage is another factors you must note, since whether movies, music, games, or books, you just need storage to save them. Most of the tables are start from 8GB (Nook HD,iPad) ,some start from 16GB(Nexus 7,Kindle Fire HD, iPad),a few start from 32GB like Surface RT. Some have microSD card like Amazon Kindle Fire, some don’t like Nexus 7.You must decide how large the storage you need then choose. Also,take care of that whether you need a microSD card which can expand the storage
    • Web Connetivity
    The web connectivity is very important, and you must check out it for your demand. The general tablets can support Wi-Fi, but 3G or 4G is not common. Now, 3G/4G model you can find Nexus 7, iPad , Verizon Wireless Galary Tab 7.7.

    Other Specs Which Should Consider

    • Resolution and PPI. Want a HD display or Retina Display or a plain display?The resolution is higher and ppi is higher ,the display is better.
    • Built-in camera(s).The camera on the back is for taking photos and videos and a front-mounted camera is for video chatting, Skyping, social networking and so forth.Several tablets have both the two cameras ,some have one,some don't.You can choose according to your using.
    • Battery life.How many time you will take on tablet?If you take most of your time on tablet,then you should not the battery life.
    • Processor.Now the fast processor includes A6X, Qualcomm Snapdragon 4, Texas Instruments OMAP 4470, Samsung Exynos, Nvidia Tegra 3.And if you want a fast speed,then you may should care the processor.

    Think about all these factors, and then you can get the appropriate tablet for you.

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