Best 10 Tablets to Buy for 2012 Thanksgiving and Christmas Gift

    Time has gone to the end of 2012.The happy thing is we still have Thanksgiving and Christmas, which can be a crazy shopping season in the face of so many products, especially mobile device. 2012 is just a year full of surprise, it seems that I have said more than once, but I do think it is with so many great new gadgets especially smartphones, tablets. Lots of folks just have planned to buy one for Thanksgiving or Christmas, but it is definitely not easy to choose a proper one among the large range. So, I collected the best tablets in 2012 and maybe you can find one you like here.
    Best tablet 2012
    Small tablets
    • Nexus 7
    Undoubtedly, Nexus 7 is the best small tablet with the price of only $199, offering 16GB and 32GB storage. It runs Android 4.1 which is closest to Android 4.2.If you buy one, now you can upgrade it. You can use cutting edge hardware built in it. If you want a best small tablet under $200, pick up Nexus 7.
    • Amazon Kindle Fire HD
    If you are fans of Amazon, and you are just addicted to Amazon Prime service, then you can choose Kindle Fire HD which also starts at $199 with 16GB storage. It is by no means a great small tablet to firstly dual-band, dual-antenna Wi-Fi for 40% faster downloads and streaming in tablets market. The HD display and HD camera can impress you without question. Whatever, considering of it when you are an Amazon Addict.
    • Nook HD
    In fact, compared to Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD, Nook HD has no highlighted features. It starts at $199 with only 8GB, it has its own app store but offering not too many apps ,it hasn’t a camera. You may think it is not worth buying, but it is really good for families which is Nook emphasizes all the time. And the spectacular screen which offers the highest 1440 x 900 resolution in small tablet market, smooth performance and memory card slot can add Nook HD some point.In short, Nook HD is good compared to other common tablets.
    • iPad Mini
    If I have enough money, I will buy an iPad without hesitation. Ok, this is just my mind. But iPad is really a thing.And the lucky thing is that Apple has released a 7.9 inch iPad Mini with the starting price of $329.More importantly, it offers Sari, which is not available iPad 2.Besides,you can enjoy the full iPad experience in this Mini one.If you want a iPad but just cannot afford iPad 4 or you just a smaller one, iPad Mini is your right decision. 

    Full-sized Tablets
    • Nexus 10
    Nexus 10 is presently a very hot and powerful 10 inch tablet and both of 16GB and 32GB are sold out. Running the latest operating system Android 4.2,Nexus 10 surprise you at 2560 x 1600 pixel resolution for 300 ppi. You can enjoy almost all Google Service on it and get the new features of Android 4.2 including NFC (Android Beam), Photo Sphere, Multi-user support and more. It starts at $399 which is $100 than iPad 4. It is no exaggeration to say, Nexus 10 can be a thing.
    • iPad 4
    iPad 4, the stunning Retina display and the fourth generation iPad. It takes the powerful A6X chip which is double fast than A5 X. Delivers up to twice the graphics performance, without sacrificing battery life, you can easily feel the breakthrough. It is at the moment the most advanced iPad maybe the most advanced tablet in the world, if you just need the high-end tablet, iPad 4 is absolutely your choice.
    • 8.9 inch Kindle Fire HD
    Sporting an amazing IPS TFT display with 1920 x 1200 resolution (254 ppi) which is close to iPad 3′s Retina Display, the $299 8.9 inch Kindle Fire HD (16GB) sounds like a pretty good deal. This one also offers the special Amazon Prime service and 1.5 GHz dual-core processor and Imagination PowerVR 3D graphics core for fast and fluid performance. However, you may feel annoyed with lots Ads directly in the US.
    • Microsoft Surface RT
    Although the high price (starts at $499) of Surface RT has broken people’s expectation, plenty of folks get interested in it probably for its office 2013 service. Yes, office 2013,which we will need for our work even homework. Also, it provides the keyboard match. In addition; Microsoft has built an app store to offer more apps than iPad. The Windows RT system can make you use the tablet just like a PC. It includes 32GB and 64GB version. If you want to experience the Windows RT or like the office service, you can try this one, of course you can afford it.
    • Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
    Named as the best Android tablet as toptenreviews, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 offers the brilliant display screen like using a full-sized computer. Then you may impress the speed at which web-based video content loaded and the flawless playback. Video plays it very smoothly just like others. If you're a fan of the many advantages of Android smartphones, this is definitely the tablet for you.
    • Asus Transformer Pad TF300
    If you are game-players on tablet, then Asus Transformer Pad TF300 should be your priority. With Tegra 3 and faster Wi-Fi performance, a more responsive screen, and an actual (and official) GPS feature. Micro-HDMI and microSD return, as does the keyboard option, Asus Transformer Pad TF300 can be the best full-Android tablet value currently on the market.

    So, have you got your favorite?

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