How to Turn Your Nexus 7 into a Real Kindle Fire?

    In these days, both the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire are becoming hot and hot. At the mention of Kindle Fire, the first thing comes in my head is it is a best E-book reader while Nexus 7 is a best entertainment tablet. It is of course reasonable that you cannot decide which to buy for your Christmas gift if you just want to choose from them, even though you have compared them.

    Fortunately, now we can get (nearly) all of Amazon's great Android offerings on the Nexus 7 to turn it into a real Kindle Fire including the Kindle E-books.
    Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire
    In Android 4.1, you can enjoy Google Books, Google Music, Google Video, and the Google Play app store. Of course,you can upgrade the system to Android 4.2 to enjoy the new amazing features.But there are still plenty of people prefer to Amazon for books, music, and movies. Luckily, it is easy to get free Amazon's Kindle reader app and Amazon MP3 app using the Google Play app store. These two apps will give you access to your Kindle book library and Aussie Amazon MP3 collection.

    Before you see Amazon-purchased Android apps on Nexus 7, you need to set Nexus 7’s security to allow installation of apps from "unknown sources". Enter into Nexus 7 settings, tap on Security, and check the box for "Unknown Sources".

    Besides, you can get Amazon's Appstore app for Android from Amazon by visiting the Appstore Web page.Enter your email and check the download link at your e-mail on the Nexus 7.After the operations, you can find your purchased apps and start to download Android apps from Amazon.

    But you cannot really enjoy the Amazon video content (including free videos for Amazon Prime) since the unavailable Abode Flash service and the bad performance of the Google Video app and storefront matching the content, pricing, and capabilities of Amazon's video service.

    But it is enough, right? At least, you have got the Kindle book and app library. So do you want to enjoy the Kindle Fire service on Nexus 7?

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