Laptop vs Tablet, How do you Choose?

    Laptops and tablet PCs are both viable options for people at present.And with google nexus 7's rise and Olympics'coming,tablet become more and more popular.So people really don't know which should buy.They are similar,but they some some key differences. In order to get the best computer for your individual needs, it's important to compare the key features of both laptops and tablets.


    Laptop interfaces mimic a typical desktop setup, complete with a keyboard and mouse. Tablets, however, have a special touch-screen display designed for use with a digital pen, rather than a keyboard or mouse.


    Laptops generally cost less than tablet PCs with comparable features according to  article "Tablet PC vs. Laptop: How Do You Choose?"


    laptopVirtually all laptops are designed to be portable. Conversely, some tablets are lightweight and portable, but others are bulky, designed only for desktop usage.

    Battery Life

    Along with portability, battery lifespan is very important to ensure lasting usage. Laptops usually have a better average battery lifespan; however, some tablet PCs can be upgraded with "smart batteries" that improve charge duration.


    Laptops often feature better hardware for faster performance with most general programs. However, the touch display of a tablet PC allows increased functionality with certain digital imaging programs like Adobe Photoshop or Corel Draw. 

    After evaluating the pros and cons of both mobile computing systems properly, you can make your choice. It depends on what you really need to have. There are also hybrid laptop tablet PCs available in the market today, which are basically tablet PCs, but you can attach a keyboard and mouse to them, and use them in a vertical position just as you would use a traditional laptop. Incidentally, these are also the better selling of all varieties. 

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