Best Android Tablet Review:Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

    As a successful and outstanding android tablet, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 has many merits which attract people to buy it. Although nexus 7 has become the most popular tablet now, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is still a great choice for you.

    It is lighter and thinner than the Apple iPad 2, and has a smaller footprint than either the Motorola Xoom or the Acer Iconia Tab A500, which are heavier and bulkier than most tablets. Following we will review this fantastic tablet and you will have a better understanding of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

    Design and Hardware

    The dominated 1200 x 800 pixel touchscreen is surrounded by a black bezel, and the device is all screen. An on/off switch, volume rocker and 3.5 mm headphone jack are located on the top edge. The sides sport stereo speakers that won't send chills up your audiophile spine but are much better than might be expected as built-ins. Plus, a proprietary charging and docking port are set on the bottom and the back cover is available in white or metallic gray. Besides, the heart of the device lays in a peppy nVidia Tegra2 Dual Core 1GHz processor which provides to run the device smoothly over a wide variety of applications. Also, it comes with 1 GB of RAM and Android 3.2 Honeycomb and now it should be getting Android 4.0 at some point.
    Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
    You will be excited about a 7000 mAh Li-Polymer battery on a Galaxy tab 10.1 that offers about 10 hours of usage on a charge. of course actual battery life will depend on how you use the tablet. Wireless connectivity is by Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, and the device also supports Bluetooth 2.1+ EDR Connectivity.


    Above all, the browser application is excellent for such a portable device. It offers the complete internet experience and has tabbed browsing just like on a computer with full-content webpages. Pages are displayed as fast as you'd expect with any brand new computer.

    Then, many games looked better on Galaxy Tab 10.1 than on the iPad 2 with more vibrant and appropriately saturated colors. For example, “Toy Story 3" was vibrant and colorful and teemed with more life (yes, even in a cartoon) than on the other Android tablets. The speakers are powerful, and capable of deep, thumping bass.

    The 8-megapixel rear camera took high-quality pictures for a tablet camera with a sharpness and level of color vibrancy. The default camera app exists at a slightly more streamlined interface and includes a few options like white-balance setting and a timer, but a zoom function is unavailable. When panning around, before taking a still pic, the video frame rate was noticeably delayed compared with the Acer Iconia Tab A500 or the Xoom.
    galaxy rear
    We can find two apps unique to the Galaxy Tab 10.1 are included on the device: the aforementioned Samsung Apps, and Pulse. With Samsung Apps, we were able to do download Rilakkuma pics While Pulse is a news aggregator that organizes news items into small previews, categorized into news, social (with Facebook functionality), entertainment, and so on, usually accompanied with a pic.

    The Galaxy Tab 10.1 is set to its highest possible brightness by default, measuring 336 candelas per square meter (cd/m2) at its highest and 0.30 cd/m2 at its lowest, delivering a very good contrast ratio of 1,120:1.


    Tablets are intended to make their users' lives easier so there's little toleration for one that is at all difficult to operate. For consumers, there’s virtually no learning curve in getting up to speed with the Galaxy Tab 10.1. Icons, widgets and drag-and-drop functionality make using the tablet simple and pleasurable. Its multitasking ability is a major plus, and the web browser experience is essentially identical to using a computer.

    The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is remarked as the best Android tablet and it is really worth the praise. Its design is not coincidentally similar to that of the Apple iPad 2, which continues to set the standard but is now being challenged. If you're a fan of Samsung or android, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is definitely the tablet for you.
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