How to burn The Dark Knight Rises to Blu-ray?

    If you have never heard of The Dark Knight Rise directed by Christopher Nolan, you may be out. Since The Dark Knight Rise is released on July 20th, it has ever top the box office. Nobody can deny it's a technical marvel and it brought us astonished moments. People gave much attention in it and it get popular and hot. Many people want to watch it in the theater with friends or family, even there is an article listed five reasons to watch the movie. For those who watch it in the Internet, and download the film, and want to burn the movie for a HD format and have a Blu-ray player,maybe burning The Dark Knight Rise to blu-ray is their best choice.

    Undoubtedly, speaking of burn films, many people may think dvd is a good choice, but if you want a better quality and a large content, blu-ray is a better choice.And I have recently find a new leawo blu-ray creator on cnet which is remarkable.I downloaded it and have converted My loveable family videos to a blu-ray, it really works well.If you want to burn the The Dark Knight Rise to a blu-ray disc, first download and installed this blu-ray burner and following steps is provided to your reference.
    Leawo Blu-ray Creator

    1. Load your download film.

    Click “add video ”to add The Dark Knight Rise. You can preview it on the right side.If you burn more videos, you can add them,and you can merge the videos casually by right click.
    Imput the dark knight rises

    2. Edit the flim.

    Click “Edit” button, and you will enter the editing interface, you can do some trimming and cropping, and adjust the video effect or add individualized design features through effecting and watermarking in this windows.
    Edit video

    3. 3D setting

    Maybe you want to set the 3D effects, you can do it by clicking “3D setting “button.
    3D setting

    4. Design menu. 

    Click the right button “design menu” to customize your Blu-ray menu.You can set the theme,background,button and others.
    Design menu

    5. Burn to Blu-ray disc

    Click the “burn” button, and you can do some blu-ray setting on pop-up windows and click “Ok”, then the software begin to work.You can follow the process on the burning interface.
    Burning setting

    Blu-ray burning

    So, you have done all the operations and you have got your Blu-ray of The Dark Knight Rise. Just enjoy it with your friends.
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