Make Distorted sound with Air Horn (Bhoppu) for Android

    This is buggy app  for android.This app make a distorted sound.This app make a happy or not this is your choice.This app can make glass crunchy sound,train and many type of distorted sound.This has a lot of inbuilt sound .
    air horn for android
    Air Horn for Android

    Air Horn! is the #1 noise maker on Android!
    Peace and tranquility is for sissies. Now you can take a pocket Air Horn with you everywhere you go!
    - wake people up
    - cheer at sports games
    - interrupt boring people
    - finally get the attention you deserve!
    Comes with tons of extra horns and sounds, including The Mexican Hat song, Fog Horn, Sports Buzzer, Reggae Horn, Vuvuzela, Train Horn, and more. It even has a Video Mode to record videos of using your Air Horn!
    Air Horn is free (ad supported). Upgrade version includes widgets, and setting horn as a ringtone or notification. Dominate those other sissy music mp3 players and sound boards with the Original Air Horn!
    NOTE: The Farting Fred, the Whoopee Cushion and Bleep Me are other fun noise makers made by us! We made them separate to keep app size down (it was way too clumsy to make it one big thing). Try them out! All are free.

    airhorn for android
    airhorn for andoid

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