Browse & Find Internet Services without Internet in Mobile Devices

    You can't live without Internet but what do you do when you want some information or you don't have Internet on any type of Device you have.This is a little tricky thought but sometimes this happen.
    Yeah there is solution SMS Web messaging platform in Mobile.
    There is a service called TxtWeb which can provide you every type of information you want in Mobile SMS.

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    Make Free call Without Installing Apps and Internet

    Use Internet Services Without 

    These service are run without internet or any type of data plans.You can access facebook ,twitter and any social networking websites without Internet.With the help of this service you can find any type of recent exam results.Stay updated with latest news.Check you location where you are.Any many interesting features in this service.
    txtweb features

    What is txtWeb

    txtWeb is a global platform where anyone with a mobile phone can discover and consume internet AND txtWeb-only content just by SMSing keywords (very much like entering domain names into internet browsers) to ONE national number, and receive back content (up to 900 characters per SMS). Keywords represent an almost unlimited number of applications that use content from the internet or have their own original content.  A user can think of txtWeb as an SMS-based browser, but much more accessible than web-browsers on computers since anyone with a simple feature phone can use it.

    How do I use txtWeb?

    Just type keyword for the service you are looking for and SMS it to 51115 in India and 898-932 (TXT-WEB) in US and Canada. For example, just SMS @CRICBUZZ to get the latest cricket scores, SMS @WIKIPEDIA LATIN to get the Wikipedia entry on Latin language, SMS @STOCKTIP to get stick tips or SMS @PASSPORT to know the status of your passport application. You can also SMS anything without the “@” sign, in which case it will default to search and provide you a list of relevant services. At this time there are 700 services which have been crowdsourced. 
    There are many services integrated in this service find all txtweb app sevice here.

    How use txtWeb Service

    txtWeb has 1000+ services you find services list here.
    many poplar service here
    Gets new prophethacker post updates in mobile via sms 
    Send SMS
    To 51115
    Type Mesage @prophethacker

    Txtweb offers android apps which has list of his services.So don't go web to find webtxt services.

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