Best 5 Games for Android Tablets in 2013

    Playing games is always the best time killing thing for us with our smartphone, tablet and PS and Xbox and more. But for most of the people who own the tablet, tablet seems to be a better portable device for playing games. And they want to download the best and free (if it is, better) Android tablets games all the time for the more excitement on games. Today I have just collect the top 5 free games for Android tablets in 2013 to give you a great game experience.

    MANUGANU-Best Android game
    MANUGANU is a completely action game with running, jumping and sliding from the ropes and dodge rocks. With the 3D side-scroller running, you will control the boy “Manuganu” to get rid of the hammers, ice blocks, flames and more. The amazing part of this game is the "Halt feature" to avoid swinging rocks, hammers, flames and other enemies with the right timing. Also, you can switch from “running" mode to “rope climbing" mode to get more challenges.

    2.Temple Run 2(Rated:4.5)
    Temple Run 2-Best Android game
    I bet every Android gaming user have played the Temple Run which is really a addicted game.Although I have never succeed running to the destination, there are some people making it. Different from Temple Run, Temple Run 2 gives people a fresh dose of endless running to Android. The graphics, environments, obstacles and more are improved and you will feel the awesome new running experience.

    3.100 Rooms(Rated:4.3)
    100 Rooms-Best Android Game
    As a puzzle game, 100 Rooms requires you to observe the room and find the items which will help you to get to the next room. You can combine two items to get NEW item. It starts off easy but soon you will be scratching your head when you cannot find the solutions to get out of the room.

    4.Subway Surfers(Rated:4.7)
    Subway Surfers-Best Android Game
    Subway Surfers is a fun filled and patient-taken game, in which you have to dodge trains, jump barriers, duck under big barriers, and repeat those things until you die.You can also use some powers like a jetpack to help you fly, sneakers allows you jump onto trains and over big barriers and more. In general, Subway Surfers is a great fun game and you can also challenge with your friends.

    5.Arcane Legends(Rated:4.6)
    Arcane Legends-Best Android game
    Arcane Legends is a cool online adventure multiplayer and 3D Massively-Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) game. You can choose one from 3 free pets to fight with you.The character includes the hero who takes on a deadly rogue with devastating bow and trap attacks, a sorcerer hat wields elemental fury and aids companions and a hulking warrior that protect and devastate enemies.Your adventures will take you and a stable of epic pets through darkly-lit taverns, majestic forests, and dank mines as you root out the evil taking hold of the kingdom of Arlor. Really fantasy!

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