Best 5 Android Keyboard App to Enhance Your Typing Experience

    Everyone who owns an Android phone or an Android tablet, I bet, will look for a great keyboard for Android since we are accustomed to do typing with our mobile device. Although, you can find the built-in keyboard on the device, but one of the best benefits of Android are you can just switch out the default keyboard for an alternative to enhance your typing experience. Of course, there are hundreds of Android keyboard apps, and if you just want to find the best keyboard app for Android phones or Android tablets, following are some suggestions.

    1.SwiftKey Keyboard Free(Phone/ Tablet)
    Undoubtedly, SwiftKey is one of the most popular keyboard app for Android. It gives you the accurate autocorrect and supports typing in up to three languages simultaneously.Better, the keyboard app can predict your next word before you press a key based on the way that you write.
    SwiftKey Keyboard
    Besides, the app includes the awesome new Flow feature, which let you switch seamlessly between tapping and gesture typing .You can even enter entire phrases simply by sliding to the space bar between words with ‘Flow Through Space’, instead of lifting your finger from the screen.

    You can try this free app for a month and then you need to pay $3.99 for it.

    2.Thumb Keyboard(Phone/Tablet)
    For the best customized keyboard app, you just cannot miss Thumb Keyboard. It offers many advanced customization options that allows the user to adjust it to his or her preferences. The best features of it may be its spilt layout feature just makes better accessible keys for thumb-typing on large and small tablets and 4"+ phones. In addition, it includes much art keyboard technology like Multi-touch, Voice input, 3D "coverflow" theme browser with 25+ themes and more.
    Thumb Keyboard
    Thumb Keyboard will cost you $2.35 and it is really a different app for your typing experience.

    3.GO Keyboard(Phone/tablet)
    GO Keyboard
    If you just want everything customized a specific way, GO Keyboard has you covered.GO Keyboard is a free app for Android which offers the theme support, emoji and everything else you want to personalize you’re typing experience visually, from the colors to picking between QWERTY keyboards of T9 keyboards. Apart from the above offering, the key layout and the standard will give you the customizable typing experience without cutting corners, too.

    The app supports all Android phones and specifically for 5″, 7″, and 9/10″ tablets.

    Different from other keyboard app, Swype simply traces those letters along the keyboard and fills in the words for you rather than tapping out letters. So, it is no doubt a much faster input method than traditional typing, especially with one hand.
    It also includes some awesome features such as living language which is gathered and updated with the latest global trending words, Smart Editor which will examine your sentence and suggest you the word, backup and sync personal dictionaries across multiple mobile devices and more.

    If you are used to typing using one hand, Swype can be your best option for keyboard. And it is free for Android phones and tablets.

    Like Swype, TouchPal incorporates a swipe-based interface on top of the standard keyboard. When you swipe, a nice sparkly trail animation will appear which very cool. The is big attraction of the app is its "Curve" predictive text can finish your long words without your swiping. It just make you typing faster but kind of inaccuracy. Besides, it can automatically detect which language you're typing in based on the installed dictionaries. Also, it supports Multilanguage and voice input and other nice features.
    If you don’t care much about accuracy and are a bilingual user, TouchPal is just a very good choice. And it is also a free app.

    When you just want to enhance your typing experience and improve your productivity on Android, just try out the above and find the most suitable one for you.

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