Top 4 Zbigz alternatives for High speed torrent downloads

    ZbigZ is always the best for downloading torrent files with high speed and less complexities. I will always recommend you to use zbigz because of its high speed torrent caching for premium members but for a Free user like me Zbigz just can’t help us anyway (150KBPS max for free user . ZbigZ servers sometimes become down or sometimes caching problems may arise. So here we will discuss about some of the best ZbigZ alternatives available. Don’t worry! There are many free alternatives to zbigz that can be used instead of Zbigz and they are giving pretty High Speed free of cost .

    Zbigz alternatives 1:

    Furk is also a great service provider for torrent caching and downloading online by IDM or DOWNTHEMALL. First you need to Register here . Its free to register but you need to provide an Invitation code to proceed. What if you don’t have a invitation code? Simple, then sign up using FACEBOOK . Make sure to login to facebook and it will sync your account with facebook. I personally recommend for Large Torrent files but its Server speed is Moderate . I got arround 600 KBps average .

    Zbigz alternatives 2 :

     Well you have a chance to win 14 Days premium service by referring to your friends . Register there and you will see a Option REFER TO YOUR FRIEND click on it and you will get a refer link and you have to spread this link and ask people to register to ByteBX and after 50 users sign up by following the referred link you will get premium service coupon for 14 days. Few days back they have updated their server and now its very fast to download torrent from BytebX. This Site gives 100 GB bandwidth for premium users . This storage website will be a competitive alternative to ZbigZ. Download .torrent and upload it to ByteBX or paste Magnetic link to ByteBX, It will cache the torrent and after a few minutes you will get the Direct Download link. Use Internet Download manager or DOWNTHEMALL Firefox Addon for tweaking download speed. I have tested this site by downloading with Firefox Downthemall Addon and got more than 500 KBps.

    Zbigz alternatives 3 :

    Filestream is a new torrent caching site which is giving away free 10 GB torrent caching Bandwidth for liftetime. Use multiple account for Unlimited torrent download. Downloading speed sometimes very high (1MBPS) but speed falls very frequently(200-300KBPS). This is a great alternative to Zbigz.

    Zbigz alternatives 4 :

    I am going to introduce with you a new website for downloading torrent files.The procedure is the same. You have to follow the same procedure as you do with zbigz. Copy paste some Magnet link or uplaod .torrent from your computer to this website after you Register there and will cache the torrent for you. This site only gives one torrent download possible but it will be a great if you have a very large file e.g more than 6GB torrent to download.

    This site has the following advantages:

    1. It supports a lots of file sharing sites as well as Torrents.
    2. Download speed is awesome. You will get the maximum speed provided by your INTERNET SERVICE provider. I got around 1 MBps download speed.


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