Airdisplay : Android as a second monitor for you PC

    Now that's time I have a surprise for you .You always wanna be a second monitor for your PC or Lappy .
    Solution is Airdisplay....

    Airdisplay: Description
    Ever wish you had an extra display for your Mac or Windows computer? There's an app for that. With Air Display, you can use your Android screen as a wireless display, to extend your computer desktop. In order for Air Display to work, your computer and Android device must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
    Like a wired monitor, Air Display works in two ways:
    (1) Extend your computer screen onto a second screen, or
    (2) Mirror the contents of your computer screen onto your Android screen.
    Air Display's performance is extremely responsive, employing a unique dynamic compression algorithm. On a typical Wi-Fi network, mouse cursor refreshes are indistinguishable from a wired mouse. Air Display works in both landscape and portrait configurations. Just rotate your screen, and it automatically reconfigures. Air Display makes a laptop much more useful by increasing its usable screen size.
    Air Display not only gives you a wireless computer screen extender or mirror, but also works as a tablet input device. You can use your finger to draw directly on the screen's surface. Try it with a calculator, painting tool, or music control surface. Simple gestures allow you to operate the right mouse button and scroll wheel. When you rotate the screen, or disconnect and reconnect, your windows are automatically repositioned appropriately, so you don't have to drag them back to the Android screen.
    Some great uses for Air Display include:
    - Fill your Air Display screen with your utility apps such as iChat, Mail, iCal, and Calculator.
    - Graphic design: Make Photoshop and Illustrator usable on your laptop by putting your tool palettes on the Android screen.
    - Music: Use your Android screen as a wireless control surface for Logic or Pro Tools.
    - Programming: Use the extra display area for such auxiliary development tools as Console, Terminal, and the Debugger.
    - Business: Move all of your iWork and Office palettes and inspector windows onto Air Display, and let your document fill the screen.
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    Have a fun..........

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