How to Free Up Space on Your Android to Speed Up the Device?

    As an Android user, you may install many apps and games on your tablet or smartphone which may make you face memory amount issues once in a while whether your device includes 8GB,16GB or more. And as the time passed, you will find that your device is filled with all the things in the world and now, and you have just run out of space. At this time, you have to clear up space on Android to speed up your Android device and save some space to store other data. Fortunately, there are some useful tips to free up Android space in the following and tools to help you save more storage on Android.

    Free up space on Android

    1.Move Data to Your SD Card/USB Storage
    Since apps install to your Android device’s system storage by default, the apps take up much space on internal storage, but you can move many of them to your SD Card or USB storage to free up space for more apps .

    You can only move apps to the SD card if the developer has added support for this to their app. Go to Setting>Applications>Manage Applications>Menu, select'Sort by size’, choose and tap the app, and then tap the “Move to SD card” or “Move to USB storage” option .To move multiple apps to the SD card or USB storage at once, try the free App2SD app.

    Note: There are some apps that cannot move includes live wallpapers, widgets, and launchers. The reason is that when Android device is connect to the computer, SD card storage is disconnected from the phone.

    Also, you can move other data like photos and videos to SD Card or USB storage if you have stored them on internal storage.

    2.Uninstall Apps
    It should go without saying that one of the easiest and most-used ways to free up space is to uninstall apps that are less used or occupy a lot of data. If you can live without the apps, just get rid of them.

    Operations: Go to Settings > Applications > Manage Applications>Menu, select ‘Sort by size’, tap the big size app and tap "Uninstall".

    3.Using the Cloud
    There is also another easy way to get more memory by expanding the storage , that is to take your bulk file storage to the cloud with the cloud storage services such as Dropbox, Skydrive, Google's Picasa service and more. But keep in mind you cannot access to the files if the device is away from Internet.

    4.Delete Duplicate Files
    When there are many files, there may be duplicate files.So we need to find them and delete to save the space.You can try the free app Search Duplicate File Free which allows you to track down duplicate files within your device storage and filters allow for common file types such as images,music, and video. Ensure it is an actual duplicate and not a system file or similar when you delete something.

    5.Analyze Disk Usage
    There may be something that you cannot find it on the surface and a Disk Analyzer aid is needed. Here recommends DiskUsage which will precisely analyze what was bogging down your system in terms of space and act upon it.

    6.Clear the Cache
    When you use apps, the accessed data, temporary files, and settings locally as cached data will be produced on your device. The cached data will be easily expanded to waste the space. You can clear the cached data by directly go to the app’s details screen. Or you can use the Easy Cache Cleaner to do it quickly. Note that clearing data will set your application back to its original state, deleting all your custom settings and data.

    When you have done the above steps, you will find that you have got the extra space and your device should be speeded up. Source URL:
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