How to Expand Storage of Nexus 7 and Other Android tablets?

    Tablets are becoming more popular these days and you can do almost everything on it. Meanwhile, with the development of technology, the good quality of entertain contents, such as photos, music, movies, and games, need much storage to keep them. In general, the storage capacity of most tablets ranges between 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. Nexus 7 offers 16GB and 32 GB options without SD card.If you want more storage, then how to do it? Indeed, there are some tips helping you increase the storage of Android tablets. Following are the details.
    Android tablets-Expand storage

    USB OTG Cable
    The USB OTG cable is a USB cable On-The-Go,allowing the mobile device connect with other USB device such as a flash drive.This way is very easy and you just need to plug the OTG cable in the Android device and the other port of the cable connects with a flash drive or a USB drive and then you can save your content to the flash drive.That means your Android tablet is the host and the flash drive acts as your storage.

    Online Storage Service
    For the majority, this way is the effective and simple way to get more storage capacity with storing the files online. You can find many good online cloud storage services that offer free space for you.With the app that is provided by online cloud storage service, you can easily upload and download files directly from your tablet.

    Popular online storage service: COMODO Cloud(free 5GB),SugarSync(Free 5GB), Dropbox(free 2GB),Box(free 5GB),JustCloud.

    Kingston Wi-Drive
    When you use the online storage service, you may need a high speed internet connection, so if you think it is hard for you, you can use Kingston Wi-Drive to extend the storage. Kingston Wi-Drive hardware is a portable USB Flash storage device that allows you to wirelessly stream digital media content (such as music, photos, videos, etc.) to your Android based tablet or smartphone, available for both Apple and Android products. It offers you three two storage capacities – 32GB, 64GB and 128G.It is an easy but perfect solution for expanding storage and you just need to connect with it use the USB cable and then you can use it.

    For this way, you need a Kingston Wi-Drive hardware, Wi-Drive app, a USB cable, AC adaper, an AirPlay compatible Android device.It doesn’t support 3G,

    GoFlex Satellite
    Just similar as Kingston Wi-Device, GoFlex Satellite device lets you wirelessly access all your movies, photos, music and documents on your Android device. It offers a larger storage capacity than Wi-Device and it works for both your tablets and PC. Better, it comes with built-in battery backup of up to 7 hours and a single USB connection specially designed for tablets. All you need do is turn on its power and connect it with your Android tablet via the USB port or wirelessly with built-in wireless network. Then you have got an external 500GB storage capacity. You can take more than Take more than 300 HD movies with the increased storage.Source URL:
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