Best 9 Free Android Apps You Must Have For Android Tablet

    Best free android apps for tablet
    So,you have a new android tablet and you are so glad to test its function Or your tablet has not many good apps. And then you will find that you should install some useful android apps for better enjoyment. As incompletely estimated, there are over 600,000 android apps at Google Play, and most of them are available for Android tablet. So how to choose the apps for the tablet is also hard to decide, here I filtered down from the Android Market some best android apps for your pleasure.


    If you want the simple and fast desktop browser on your tablet,then Chrome is absolutely your best choice. And if you use Chrome on the desktop, syncs your open tabs, bookmarks, passwords and more. You would experience the best browsing experience out of it.


    If you have used the official Twitter app, you will feel disappointed for its tablet unfriendly. Luckily, Plume, a highly customizable Twitter app, works well enough on Android tablets so you won't miss Twitter on your Android tablet. It can offer a tablet-optimized interface, and it's functionally the best app for browsing Twitter out there. Also is Friendcaster for best Facebook experience.


    Speaking of watching TV episodes and movies on your tablet, Netflix, delivering the best experience, is definitely the world’s leading subscription service. You can feel all the joys of Netflix in your pocket, all the time-including the power to battle that always growing Watch Instantly queue if you are lived in USA, Canada, Latin America, UK and Ireland.


    IM+ is an IM app that lets you chat with your friends on AIM, Google Talk, Skype, MSN, Yahoo, Facebook chat and others so that you can use just one app to deal with all your messages.


    You don’t have a Kindle, but you may be need to own the app Kindle. This Android application is for all the book lovers. You can simple browse more than 900,000 books across different stores by downloading it. Best is it maintains track of your previous read books, bookmarks and notes. So,do you just want to read any sort of books in any part of the world? Then, try it.Also,you can check out Aldiko Book Reader, another great e-reader android app for tablets.


    Want a note taking app? Evernote can be your answer. Evernote is simply a powerhouse of a note taking app available with its awesome tablet-optimized interface. Not only can you jot down notes but also you can take pictures, record voice notes and upload files to remember all on their cloud. Evernote is immensely popular and it is a app you must have for your android tablet.

    7.Stitcher Radio
    Perhaps you like to listen to radio and Stitcher Radio will be a great app for you. It plays over 10,000 radio stations, shows and podcasts from the best of NPR, CNN, Fox, BBC, Freakonomics, Adam Carolla and more.And you can listen to your favorite news, comedy, sports and talk radio shows on your Android phone or tablet with it. Stitcher is the best way to stay connected with the information that’s important to you.

    8.File Manager HD 
    If you want to manage your files on tablet easily ,try File Manager HD which reveals the file structure of the OS so you can find files, transfer stuff around and all that good stuff.


    If you are kind of eBay addict, this is a must-have app that makes it easy to browse, shop, sell and manage your eBay activity whenever and wherever you are! Another popular shopping app Amazon Mobile is for Amazon fans.

    Now you can try some of the apps introduced above, of course there are many other customized android apps for android tablets, and maybe you will find other amazing apps for android tablet, so just leave a comment.

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